Farah Ghuznavi

I’m a Bangladeshi woman who writes because I have stories to tell – often those of other people – and they just won’t leave me in peace until I put them down on paper.

I have been writing for most of my life, from doggerel as a child to satirical plays and poems in my youth; opinion pieces and newspaper articles on politics, humour, travel and social issues as an adult; and most recently, short stories, creative non-fiction and flash fiction.

I have worked on development issues such as political participation, microcredit loans for the poor, adult education for women and human rights for organisations that include the British NGO Christian Aid, the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, and the United Nations. I’ve pursued my lifelong passion for journalism (you’re reading the musings of a current affairs junkie!) alongside my development work through my column, entitled “Food for Thought” that appears in the Star Weekend Magazine. My aim has always been to work on issues that interest me, whatever it might pay. To keep myself solvent, I have for over a decade been working as a professional translator from Bangla to English, alongside my daytime job(s)!

I began writing fiction because I felt it important to tell many of the stories of people I’ve encountered in my life as a development worker, who sometimes aren’t in a position to tell their own stories. Since then, I’ve branched out from my initial inspiration to areas as diverse as flash fiction and thus far, just once – and surprisingly well-received – science fiction…

I believe that while culture and environment play a huge part in making us who we are, most of us have more in common than we think. And though my writing is informed by my various identities in terms of nationality, sex, culture etc, I believe that my stories are accessible to people with very different backgrounds; which is, of course, as it should be.

I hope you enjoy your visit to MY world!